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The IBM PC XT Desk Caddy

Spring 2022

The cutest little promo toy

I'm not much for collectibles - in fact, I don't collect anything at all. (Owning six Amigas doesn't count as collecting if they're all used or kept for spares, right?) However, a colleague recently brought a cute little desk caddy to work and I found it so fun and interesting I decided that the world must know about this, the epitome of office toys.

The IBM PC XT miniature desk caddy from various angles
Click the photo montage above for a high resolution, full colour version.

It's a small promotional desk caddy in the form of an IBM PC XT model 5160 with dual floppies and an IBM 5153 color monitor. The top of the screen opens up to reveal a small compartment, and the front of the machine slides out as a small drawer. On the bottom of the model is a label indicating it was made in 1983, the same year IBM launched the PC XT.

What makes this particular desk caddy special is that it comes with some provenance: my colleague got it from her father-in-law, who worked as a mainframe salesman at IBM.

Also, it's pretty darn cute. :-)