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Configurations for fvwm2

Extended Slack

Built on the classic config below, but with less bland title bars and a few other twists. This config file is heavily commented, which might be useful since fvwm can be a bit tricky to configure.

A classic config

The decorations and colours exactly match those used in the config supplied with Slackware 2.0 in 1994. It was my first encounter with fvwm and although I've tried others, it's still my window manager of choice.

A 4Dwm-like fvwm2 config

I've always loved Silicon Graphics machines and the look of their Indigo Magic/4Dwm desktop. This is a small set of files and a configuration to make FVWM2 look not completely unlike 4Dwm, complete with a Toolchest.

Touchpad Toggler

I wrote a small script that can toggle a laptop's touchpad on and off. More info here.