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The Appternet is a fast-moving business with high demands on usetainability, edutisement and abusial networking. We at data_Gubbe are a merry crew of highly skilled Software Auteurs that work hard and party hard, cherishing fun, community and half-baked get rich quick schemes above all.

Perhaps you found our riddle on that one ostensibly in-group web community that makes you feel like you're better than others when in fact it's open to everyone? If you managed to solve it, you have now realized the resulting link leads to the same page we use for all our recruitment, but you're probably really smart and we think you could be one of us!

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Grow with us! Come make an impact! Change society for good! Have fun while working with your passion! Stock options available! IPO right around the corner! Current company value estimated at a bunch of old laptops, a Nespresso machine and the founder's personal stash of Depends!

Don't just shape the future. BE the future! data_Gubbe - where dreams take flight.

1 Ads. We do ads. Well, if you want to be generous. In reality, we use our overhyped app to sneak up people's backsides with a microscope and gather their innermost desires so we can sell them to the highest bidder. Don't worry, it's all in the EULA they legally agreed to by breathing.