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Short Thoughts on Computers and Programming

Not quite aphorisms.

Autumn 2022

Programming is one of the few crafts that will only make you dirty on the inside.

Hypocrisy is taking pride in Unix shell scripts kept since the 1990:s while scoffing at banks running Cobol.

Programming and angling are alike: fun and rewarding as pastimes, less so when your life depends on them.

You can't work with your passion unless working is your passion.

The mouse is a much faster input device than the keyboard: the latter is almost always stationary.

Continuing a legacy is an honorable task, except in programming.

It's important to consider ergonomics in sedentary jobs: every now and then, programmers should shift a bit.

Affordances are so called because many contemporary UI designers have deemed them too expensive.

Never changing the defaults is like living in a motel your whole life.

Given enough time, every operating system will turn into Unix.

In the future, when computers are at long last voice controlled, open office floor plans will finally disappear.

The future was better in the past.