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shpell - a command line Spell Checker

shpell is a small spell checker for plain text files, written as a POSIX compliant shell script. It also has an option to rudimentarily strip away HTML tags from the input. It can operate on STDIN as well as files. It can also keep a per-user personal dictionary, providing a facility to list, add and remove words without affecting the system-wide dictionary file.


The latest release is v1.1 (2020-06-11)


In a famous UNIX infomercial made by Bell Labs in the early 1980s, Brian W. Kernighan is constructing a small spell checker to demonstrate the use of UNIX shell pipes. While doing so, he's casually resting his terminal keyboard on his outstretched legs and looks very cool and laid back. This is my attempt at emulating that behavior, in the hope that I too will one day become cool.

Shpell is linted with shellcheck. This site is semi-regularly checked with shpell (and sometimes I even correct the errors found).

Known Issues


Screenshot of xterm displaying shpell's help output and the result of spell checking an HTML file
Example shpell session.