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TTX - Swedish Teletext reader

TTX is a Python script for reading the teletext pages published by SVT, Sweden's public service television company.

TTX has been developed on and for Linux, but will probably work on most Unix-like systems and might even work on Windows. TTX is released under the MIT license. TTX has been tested with Python 3.6.9 and uses only the Python standard library. It has been linted using these settings.


The latest release is v2.0 (2022-09-20)


Screenshot of TTX running in an xterm, displaying a contents page from Swedish teletext.
Example TTX session.


TTX previously supported ANSI colorization of equivalent teletext color codes. Since SVT changed the format of their teletext web to a new and crappier one, this color information is no longer readily available in any of their markup sources. TTX 2.0 tries to compensate for this by using a colorful prompt instead.