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Configurations for ctwm (and twm)

TWM is a window manager originally written by Tom LaStrange. CTWM is a fork of TWM, originally by Claude Lecommandeur.

Both are lightweight, reasonably fast and pretty much unchanged since the dawn of time. Most important of all, unlike fvwm (and a lot of other window managers), it is just configurable enough. Once you've gotten it right, there's not much room for tweaking, which means incurable tinkerers like me can actually focus on something other than constantly configuring their desktop environment.

Well, at least from time to time... :-)

TWM is no longer maintained in any meaningful way and it's getting increasingly hard to use it together with modern X applications. Because of this I've switched to CTWM, which is maintained by Matthew Fuller and even has a proper homepage. Apart from working better with modern stupidities like client-side decorations, CTWM also has an optional 3D bevel look and supports virtual desktops. It is in every sense a worthy spiritual and functional successor to TWM.

(CTWM) 3D Pastels

Experimenting with the 3D look of CTWM.

(CTWM) Lean Pink

Basically the same as Crisp Pink below, for which most of the files are still valid. It's been converted to utilize some nifty CTWM features and I've rationalized away most meters and widgets in favor of a very minimal xclock in the bottom right corner.

(CTWM) Never Too Late for Slate

As wonderful as TWM is, it's also showing its age. Certain modern programs are very creative in the way they utilize focus and transients, and TWM just can't keep up. As luck would have it, CTWM does seem to cope just fine with most of this, and I've recently taken to using it as a TWM replacement.

Crisp Pink

This is a delightful daily driver that does exactly what it should and otherwise gets out of your way. I'm also of the firm opinion that it looks good while doing so.

The individual files are available, too:

Older configs

Pink Delight

Maroon Marauder